My version of 40

Running on Empty & Out of Touch

Today I planned on simply sleeping through my 40th birthday. Anyway, I thought, what’s the big deal? It’s been four decades, yes, but so what?

Image My most favorite birthday picture ever… my brother Tong-Tong’s birthday… yup, am the one drooling next to him holding a hotdog-on-a-stick

Honestly, my birthdays have never been a huge deal to me… except that Mommy always prepared for them. Like I said in my previous entries (in FaerieQueeneBuknoy), even when I was a kid, I enjoyed being a birthday party guest more than being the celebrant. Then of course when I worked as a party assistant at McDonald’s, being a puppeteer and character… I enjoyed entertaining children too. But I would always see the big mess afterwards… the spilled drinks, dirty floor, wasted food and children who needed a good scrubbing.

Image My cousins Alma, Dulce, Din-din and myself

But what have I learned about…

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